ÉCU Official Selection 2012

ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival is delighted to announce the Official Selection. ÉCU 2012 will showcase 101 films from 33 countries on the 30th and 31st of March and 1st of April in Paris, France.

Dramatic Feature

Iron Doors 3D

Director:  Stephen Manuel
Country: Germany

After a night of drinking, a man finds himself in a small room sealed off with an iron door, from which there is no escape; he takes drastic measures to avoid starvation.

On the Inside

Director:  D.W. Brown
: Germany

After brutally murdering his girlfriend’s alleged rapist, Allen is sent to a hospital for psychiatric treatment.


Director: Tolga Örnek
: Turkey

The story (fictional) of a Turkish intel team trying to stop a terrorist organization trying to conduct attacks in Istanbul.

Women and Children

Director: Daniel Mitelpunkt
Country: United Kingdom

Five students find themselves spending the night in the old dark house on the moor.


Director: Stelios Kammitsis
: Greece

A story that takes place in an empty Athens in August, during a 12-hour period, from 6 p.m to 6 a.m. Three friends, Phevos, Andreas and Savvas, stay up all night walking around the streets of Exarchia, for what is their last night before they leave Athens for good and move to Berlin, just like they had agreed one year ago.

Dramatic Short


Director:  Inti Calfat
Country: Belgium

A short film featuring the struggles of a doomed couple. What happens when a woman can no longer prove intimately useful to herself or her husband? Does this make her less of a woman?

The Fir Tree

Director: Lars Ostenfeld
: Denmark

As a cone the little fir tree is kidnapped by a mouse and it must take root and grow up far away from its family.

No Face

Director: Jean-Yves Arnaud
: France

A strange photographer takes pictures of people down the streets of Paris. What is he going to do with these portraits? He doesn’t even have a face.

Meeting in the Heavens

Director:  Rodolphe Viémont
: France

A father visits his son, hospitalized after a suicide attempt. The communication between both men passes badly.

The Passage

Director: Fabien Montagner
: France

A lonely teenager will enter in an adventure out of time which will reveal a dark moment about her family history.

1000 Grams

Director: Tom Bewilogua
: Germany


Director: Elmar Freels
: Germany

Maria is eight years old. She’s growing up poor. When her violent stepfather is hospitalized after a heart attack and Maria’ s mother is in a desperate state, the girls starts praying which is unusual for her.

The Runner

Director:  Carolina Hellsgård
: Germany/South Africa

Amal, a 13-year-old refugee from Lebanon, deals drugs in the Hannover subway system. He lives an isolated life in an asylum home outside the city. One day he meets a young German girl called Clara, who might be his savior.

Little King

Director: Antoine Voituriez
: Greece

The Padlock
: Italy

The Poet

Director: Andrea Segre
: Italy

A study of the friendship between a Chinese woman and a fisherman who came to Italy from Yugoslavia many years ago, who live in a small city-island in the Veneto lagoon.

The Return

Director:  Blerta Zeqiri
: Kosovo

A man comes back from a Serb prison to his wife and son. A lot has changed since he was declared missing. Continuing where they left off four years ago may not be as easy as it seems.

Air Ballon

Country: Norway


: Russia

El Vampirito

Director: Pablo Navarro-Rubio Gonzalez
: Spain

Dissection of a Storm

Director: Julio Soto Gurpide
: Spain

A woman called D, seeks shelter from a tormenting past in a sanatorium in the middle of the mountains. The obsession she runs away from is death. But death has taken for her an unusual shape: her own hair.

Wild Rice Without a Rat

Director: Maria Dolores Lopez
: Spain/ Italy/ Switzerland

Splitscreen:A Love Story

Director:  James W. Griffiths
: United Kingdom

Can two people who live on opposite sides of the world have anything in common? This is the story of two parallel lives, one in New York and one in Paris and the journey that will lead them together. Told simultaneously through the eyes of both characters.

Corner Shop

Director: Michael Dominic Sauer
: United Kingdom

Emma inherited a grocery store from her parents in a small English town. At first the business went very well and she had a lot of customers. One day she meets young man Edward, a jewel thief on the run. Ignorant of his past, she marries him.

Tooty’s Wedding

Director:  Fred Casella
: United Kingdom

A young couple’s marriage hilariously hits the rocks during a weekend wedding in the country.


Director:  Rocco Labbé
: France

Set during the battle of Berlin in 1945; ‘Berlinoises’ follows the story of four Soviet soldiers who enter a civilian housing estate and begin to plunder their way through the building.

About a Spoon

Director:  Philippe Lamensch
: Belgium

What would you need the most, if – and don’t say that will never happen to you! – if you was a refugee, somewhere, abandoned in some transit camp? A knife? No! A spoon! To eat. 

Beats of Love

Director: Wim Geudens
: Belgium

True love has no limits. Driven by his obsession for sound, a man goes into the city to find the perfect beat to conquer the heart of the woman he loves.

Noite Gélida em Castelo Branco

Director:  Luís Diogo
: Portugal

Sofia and Marco, a young couple, is visiting Castelo Branco at night. They start a conversation with an homeless who-s playing guitar on the street. While the conversation takes place Sofia starts suspecting that he is the father she never knew.


Country: Germany

What to do and who to believe when you live in a small village and your husband (the baker) is suspected in an unresolved murder case? And that he’s not from the village? And that your mother still doesn’t accept him taking over the family business after the death the your father? And that you find a shirt stained with blood, and a gun kept in a locked cabinet? Above all he insists he’s innocent. Can love overcome doubt?


Al-Halqa – In the Storyteller’s Circle 

Director: Thomas Ladenburger
: Germany

The camera follows the pair on their journey, which is interspersed with stories about ghosts, kings, shoemakers and animals

M Ferma

Director: Rita Broka Country: Latvia

What to do and who to believe when you live in a small village and your husband (the baker) is suspected in an unresolved murder case? And that he’s not from the village? And that your mother still doesn’t accept him taking over the family business after the death the your father? And that you find a shirt stained with blood, and a gun kept in a locked cabinet? Above all he insists he’s innocent. Can love overcome doubt?

Memories Of Old Awake 

Director: Patrick Chadwick
: United Kingdom

Dr Emily Lethbridge is exploring the centuries-old Sagas of Icelanders during a unique year-long research trip. This film shows how one saga has a continuing hold on local people’s imaginations, with Icelanders describing the characters as friends and talking of the ongoing pride they have in both the protagonists and the landscapes in which the sagas take place.

The Boy Mir – Ten Years in Afghanistan

Director: Phil Grabsky
: United Kingdom

Tracks cheeky, enthusiastic Mir from a childish eight to a fully grown eighteen-year-old in Afghanistan.

Experimental Films


Country: Canada/United Kingdom


Country: Estonia

Sequence Error

Country: Greece

 In a contemporary corporate environment and on the occasion of a sudden system crisis, two leaders of two different groups (workers vs. executives) deliver some parts of the two aforementioned speeches.

Her Mother’s Daughter

Director: Oonagh Kearney Country: Ireland

An older woman sits before a telephone in an empty house. Her daughters have flown the nest. As she prepares to phone them, their memory is brought back to life


Director: Alessandro Bavari
: Italy

Dreamt In Flesh 

Director:  Ian Pons Jewell Country: United Kingdom

 ‘Inch by inch i conquered the inner terrain i was born with. Bit by bit I reclaimed the swamp in which I’d languished. I gave birth to my infinite being, but I had to wrench myself out of me with forceps.’ Fernando Pessoa’s ‘Book of Disquiet’.


Country: United Kingdom

Still Life 

Director: Uberto Pasolini Country: Spain


Country: United States

I Look & Move

Director: Constantine Konov Country: Russia

Every second our planet is spinning you, but you can begin to spin our world yourself. Every day you are able to go ahead in order to be happy and make happy others. Yes, it is not so simple. There are many obstacles in the way. Life is not a movie. Although it as a movie has a physical end. Nobody knows what will be in the end of our life. And while you live you are the director of each moment.

Non-European Dramatic Films

The Day Hollywood Died 

Director: Ronnie S. Riskalla
: Australia

He just woke up. He’s in a hospital. He can’t move. He can’t remember who he is. Memories begin to flood back to him as he regains consciousness. He was part of a heist gone wrong. One of a crew of six asked to steal a briefcase from a secret vault. But that’s all he can remember.

Bliss Street

Country: Canada/Germany

The Forest is Red

Director: David Jakubovic
: United States

Awkward, socially dysfunctional Nathan writes strange poems, buries jam in the park and converses with the voices. Voices that fight for his attention and demand his subordination.

Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy

Director: Robert Heydon Country: Canada

Heather Thompson is frustrated with her marriage and her too quiet life. It was then that she fell in love with Lloyd, a drug addict she met in a club. They spend a lot of time together doing drugs and partying. 

Non-European Dramatic Shorts

The Telegram Man 

Director:  James Francis Khehtie
Country: Australia

The Telegram Man explores the impact of World War II on a close-knit Australian farming community.


Country: Australia

Minute 200

Director: Frank Benitez Peña Country: Colombia

Heather Thompson is frustrated with her marriage and her too quiet life. It was then that she fell in love with Lloyd, a drug addict she met in a club. They spend a lot of time together doing drugs and partying. 

Mon Armie Noire

Director: Omar Iyer
: India

The film traces the life of an unnamed female protagonist who is molested as teenager by a man she trusts and has known for a while. The incident has a deep psychological effect on her behaviour and she cannot find a way to deal with what has happened to her.


Country: Isreal


Director: Kevin Margo
: United States

One astronaut’s journey through space and life ends on a hostile exosolar planet. Grounded is a metaphorical account of the experience, inviting unique interpretation and reflection by the viewer. 

Wolf Call

Director: Rob Underhill Country: United States

It is 1956. The previous year, 14-year old Emmett Till from Chicago had gone missing in Money, Mississippi. Later, the boy’s mutilated body was found in a river.

Zoltan: The Hungarian Gangster of Love

Director: Justin Reardon
: United States

A Felliniesque adventure that centers on the Don Juan of a remote Hungarian Village, during his daily quest to satisfy his lust for women.

Through the Door 

Director: Yelena Demikovsky Country: United States

Late one night, two Russian sisters in America can’t sleep because they hear their parents arguing about unfamiliar things but their imagination becomes their guide, protecting them.

Non-European Documentaries

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Director: David Schmidt
: Australia

When she was 9, Zainab’s parents made the heartbreaking decision to leave their home in northern Afghanistan. They set out on a journey across the globe, putting the fate of their family in the hands of strangers.

Orchids: My Intersex Adventure

Director: Phoebe Hart Country: Australia

Phoebe Hart, comes clean on her journey of self-discovery to embrace her future and reconcile the past shame and family secrecy surrounding her intersex condition. Despite her mother’s outright refusal to be in the film, Phoebe decides she must push on with her quest to resolve her life story and connect with other intersex people on camera.

The Rhythm of My Life – ISMAEL SANKARA

Director: Franck A. Onouviet
: Gabon

Follows in an unconventional way the journey of ‘Ish’, a former Miami-based rapper, who traveled to Africa to visit family. Little did he know that Libreville (Gabon) would be the place where the project of his dreams would fall on his lap.


Director: Sushmit Ghosh Country: India

Completing 100 years as the capital of modern India, Delhi today stands at the cross-roads of time. ‘Dilli’ raises critical questions about urbanization and development through the personal stories of its people and explores the social and spatial landscape of a city that dreams of becoming a super megapolis.

Last Will and Embezzlement 

Director: Deborah Louise Robinson
: United States

“Last Will and Embezzlement” is a feature-length documentary which examines the financial exploitation of the elderly.

Four and Half Years Old 

Director: Raylene Jin Country: China

 This documentary film features a child of four and half years old in Inner Mongolia. What distinguishes him from other children is that he is a Reincarnation of a great Buddhist master.

Music Videos

CMX-The Milky Way

Country: Finland

L’Ancre, la Croix, le Coeur

Director: Ville Leinonen
: France/ Finland

New and For Sale – Candid

Director: Henneke Holst Country: Germany


Country: United States/Italy/United Kingdom

Rugged Wilderness & Mountain Man No More – Dropping Feathers 

Director: Charles Chinasky Country: Norway


Country: United Kingdom


Country: United States

Animated Films

Much Better Now 

Directors:  Simon Griesser
Country: Austria

The main character is a bookmark, stuck in a forgotten book, in a life marked by standstill in a deserted room. One day wind knocks over the book and blows the bookmark onto the table, separating them

Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation

Director: Stefan Leuchtenberg
: Germany

When his father dies unexpectedly, a young man seeking to cope with his grief goes on a powerful emotional journey through time and space.

The Game 

Country: Poland

Eso te Pasa Por Barroco 

Director: Minat Khusus
: Spain

The Girl and the Hunter

Director: Jadwiga Kowalska Country: Switzerland

It’s raining. A small village is in big trouble. The raindrops are actually a young girl’s tears. And it’s up to the hunter to put things in order.

The Squirrel and the Penguin 

Director: Anna Benner
: United Kingdom

Exploring the pitfalls goyim face when talking about Jewish culture and the elephant in the room that is the Israel Palestine conflict.

The Man With A Stolen Heart 

Director: Charlotte Colbert Country: United Kingdom

A surreal tale about a Man who wakes up one day only to discover his heart has left. This forces him on a journey of self-discovery as he tries to find his heart.

Youth Films

Drawing A Smile 

Country: Cyprus

The Punishment

Country: Italy

A surreal tale about a Man who wakes up one day only to discover his heart has left. This forces him on a journey of self-discovery as he tries to find his heart.

Student Films

Cake Story

Country: Bulgaria

Withering Love

Director: Charlotte Colbert Country: Denmark

A man and a woman meet in Paris. Shortly after, the man tries to kill himself.


Director: Paul Arcand
: France

Trace of Light

Director: Charlotte Colbert Country:  Germany/ New Zealand

With No One In the World

Director: Tal Haring
: Isreal

Running away from the cops and bleeding to death, Michael walks into a local pub hoping to stay there until the heat wears off. A meeting with the pub’s depressed waitress, Maya, forces Michael to hide his injuries and past.

A Wonderful Day

Director: Yossi Meiri Country: Israel

Before moving to Germany, Shachar plans to propose marriage to his girlfriend, hoping that she will accompany him. His grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, will stop at nothing to prevent him from going to Germany. The conflict becomes inevitable.


Director: Elisa Resinaro
: Italy

10 minutes of pure tension, violence and breath-taking realism where nothing is like it seems and all the rest is… just for love.

Rima in Beirut 

Country: Lebanon

Rima is a shy and insecure girl, yet very curious and imaginative.
At the age of 19, she moves to Beirut to lead an independent life away from her parents.


Country: Norway


Director: Floyd Parks Country: Switzerland

Three gang members set out to punish their former cohort…but fate intervenes.


Director: Benjamin Howdeshell
: United Kingdom

The sole survivor of a horrific outbreak struggles to separate reality from hallucination, as she fights against isolation panic and attacks from the remaining infected.


Director: Michael van der Put Country: United Kingdom

When his first love Joanna is killed at a local train station, average school boy Callum struggles to cope with feelings of guilt, grief and fear. Finding himself increasingly isolated and with the police starting to ask questions, Callum must look for the courage to do the right thing.

My Friend the Thief 

Director: Roland Kennedy
: United Kingdom

8 Second Dance

Country: United States

My Son

Director: Rodrigo Monterrey
: United States

Carlos is a 12-year-old Latino growing up in the US with his single-mom, Cecilia, who doesn’t speak English. This means she depends on him to translate for her. But Carlos gets more than he bargained for when he lies to his mom to play a lead role in a big Hollywood movie. Mother knows best, but what if she can’t understand?

Farewell Exile

Director: Lamia Alami Country: United States

In an impoverished neighborhood of Casablanca, Morocco, Fatima awaits impatiently for news from her husband in exile. Will she finally receive the immigration papers that will potentially secure a brighter future for her and her son Mohammed?

A Little Push

Director: Andrés Moret Urdampilleta
: United States

Two elderly ladies that live in a nursing home are the only ones alive from their group of friends. The group had an agreement in which if any of them had gotten ill, the other ones would kill her to avoid her suffering. Now that only two of them are left, one friend decides to back out of the pact and the other one wants to continue with it.


Director: Roozbeh Dadvand Country: United States

In 1959, under coercion of the CIA, an American physician questions his objectives of having to assassinate a deposed famed Iranian political figure living under house arrest.

Hadley TK-421

Director: Jonathan Reid-Edwards
: United Kingdom

London. Monday, 18th April, 1960. In the offices of English printing pioneers Hadley Print & Press sits Richard Simpson, a junior executive who has it all: a gorgeous secretary he longs to hold; the Hadley TK-421, Britains first commercial photocopier and his idea for the companys future

Time of the Plums

Director: Sezen Kayhan Country: Turkey

It’s the time of the plums and 10-year-old Yasemin lives in her own world of fantasy. On a day her fantasy world hinders her first encounter with death.

The Yoiking Hand 

Director: Elle Sofe Sara
: Norway

The yoiking hand shows the fascinating movements of 3 Sami yoikers and their thoughts about why the hand moves in a certain way when they are yoiking.

Goldfish Love

Director: Elin Gronblom Country: United States / Finland

A struggling young musician buys a goldfish who longs to swim in the open sea and special friendship evolves between the two dreamers.