The Rhythm of My Life – ISMAEL SANKARA

Follows in an unconventional way the journey of ‘Ish’, a former Miami based rapper, who traveled to Africa to visit family. Little did he know that Libreville (Gabon) would be the place where the project of his dreams would fall on his laps. Against all expectations the alchemy born between him and 2 local beat-makers would lead to the making of a potential first album. Written and directed by Marc A. Tchicot and Franck A. Onouviet, the film captures glimpse of great encounters and musical moments between people from opposite backgrounds driven by the same passion: music. ‘The Rhythm of my life’ belongs to the new generation of short films, which combine fiction and documentary style. Deeply grounded in the line of non-formatted and guerrilla style independent projects, The Rhythm of my life set a different direction for film-making in Gabon and Africa.


Non European Documentary

Runtime 00:19:18

Directed by
Franck A. Onouviet, Marc A. Tchicot