Four and Half Years Old

Think back, what were you doing when you were four and half years old? Can you even have memories from that age? This documentary film features a child of four and half years old in Inner Mongolia. What distinguishes him from other children is that he is a Reincarnation of a great Buddhist master. According to Buddhist teachings, some great masters will choose to rebirth after death, in order to continue guiding their followers and all beings.They are known as ‘ Rinpoche ‘ – the precious ones. The newborn child, whom the master is reincarnated to, is known as the ‘ Reincarnation ‘. Wulan Rinpoche was one of the most reverend Mongolian reincarnated masters. The 11th Wulan Rinpoche had passed away on March 30th 2004. His Reincarnation was found and confirmed in 2008. This documentary film was shot at Wulan Rinpoche’s family temple, Jixiangfuhui Si, in Inner Mongolia, where the Reincarnation of the 11th Wulan Rinpoche is currently living and studying in. The unique identity of this reincarnated child has made quite a difference between his life and normal kids. This documentary featured the segments of the Reincarnation’s daily life, and how he gets along with his teacher, mother, servant and other lamas in the temple. ‘A Normal Day’, ‘Buddhism Ceremony Day’ and ‘Break Time’ are the three components of the documentary. It captured both his sacred side as a Rinpoche as well as his humanistic side as a child.


Non European Documentary

Runtime 00:30:00

Directed by
Raylene Jin