Our Favourite Animation Festivals in Europe

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Cinema is not just cigarettes in the bed, Timothée Chalamet’s irresistible
charisma, or poetic, yet sometimes incomprehensible dialogues. Cinema is much
more than that! If you grew tired of fiction and are craving for colors and
deep involvement, then animated films are just for you.

We at ÉCU love and appreciate all kind of genre spectrum and indie topics. Animated films are very
welcome in our submissions! Whether it’s a short one, a student one or a feature
animated film, our jury is ready to be critical! Yet indulgent. (Of course.)                                                                              

While we are waiting for April to happen so we can all gather in Montparnasse to
celebrate indie cinema – let’s see other film festivals where you can experience
animated peaks. 


Crème de la crème of animated film with a sprinkle
of craziness and spice. Fest Anča is a serious film festival that doesn´t take
itself too seriously. 

Well organized, yet chill and friendly. Taking place in
Slovakia, Žilina, the festival offers a safe and cozy atmosphere. If you don´t
like to move too much, get distracted, and just stay immersed in the animated
world, then Fest Anča is just for you. But don´t worry, you won´t get a leg
cramp, there is enough time to get your body funky at the afterparties which are
absolutely a blast. Impossible to catch a breath – a guarantee. Fest Anča is an especially good choice for film students and people open to collaborating as there
are many networking opportunities. Also, the beers are cheap – literally, no
reason why you shouldn’t participate if you don´t have any summer plans! 

📍Žilina, Slovakia 🕑28.6. – 1.7.  


Probably the most important one. The most
prestigious one, the oldest one, the biggest one. Maybe a bit overwhelming? Yes.
But worth it. This festival is apparently also in minds of many animation
filmmakers when they are making their film so they can be sure they got it
screened. Simply, Annecy is the place where you want to be if you work in the
field of animation because it offers not only every genre of animated film, but
also huge networking opportunities and guests the Marché international du film
d’animation. You might get a bit lost in the area as well as in the festival’s
programming if you don’t plan what you want to see ahead. The sections are
clear, but you may find yourself watching a film that might not be the most
innovative storytelling as Annecy is giving space to commercial directors as

📍 Annecy, France 🕑11.-17.6. 

ZubroOFFKA – International Short Film Festival

festival not many know about. But definitely should! The Polish East covered in
snow is truly a fairytale. The hospitality and care of the organizers even make
you feel like royals. Once-in-a-lifetime atmosphere. 

I had the
honor to present a film at this festival last year and honestly, didn’t want to
return home. Because it was not only the organizers who were nice. Fellow
directors, volunteers, and locals were also acting as if we had known each other
for decades! I’ve never witnessed grandmas participating in Q&As after

And the programming? Five-course meal. The sections aren’t so
tiring, you have plenty of time to go from one venue to another and don’t
constantly feel like you are missing something. Nevertheless screenings of
documentaries, fiction, and Polish animation offer enriching topics for
conversations in the evening. Especially the animated ones. Currently, Polish
animation films are on the rise, ranking among the best animated productions in
the world and I’m always amazed at how innovative and inspiring they are. And
sometimes, it’s also pretty crazy. Like the afterparties in Zubroffka. It is safe to
say that I’ve seen some crazy animated films but nothing can surpass the
Zubroffka´s craziness. 

📍 Białystok, Poland 🕑 6. -10.12.

So yeah! These are my top
recommendations for animation-orientated film festivals. I hope it sparked some
interest in the animation industry and if not, then you probably still prefer seeing
Timothée Chalamet.

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