The Hunter

Deep in the country, in a small and forgotten village lives Nelson, the drunkard and the war hero…forgotten by his king and country. His family–wife and infant son–only wish for a cow…the “wet nurse” they call it. The story beings at the death of the cow…torn to pieces by a hungry she-wolf mother, because all the game has been exterminated by humans. Nelson is forced to exchange his war medals for three bullets by his cheapskate of a brother…his brother that lives lavishly on human sorrow. He makes the hunter an offer: three wolf skins and a deer in exchange for a new cow. Trapped, Nelson, now the Hunter, with his gun and his rage, makes for the forest while the wolf he seeks, seeks for someone’s death as her own consolation.


Non-European Dramatic Short Film

Runtime 00:19:00

Directed by
Ara Arush