The 9th

An exquisite jazz pianist plays out a story of surreal intrigue and horrific brutality in this neo noir whodunit. A lawyer and his wife stiff through painful conversations, at a residents only champagne party; with a dark and bewildering author, a flirtatious fiancé, a Machiavellian psychiatrist, an artist with a blank canvas, and a neglected son and his group of youthful friends who seem as out of place as the furnishings. The party, hosted by the lottery winning owner of the penthouse location, is plagued with unconventional happenings, which hang in the atmosphere around the guise of a sinister master of ceremonies. Adding to the cocktail of mystery is the fleeting frequents of an ageing footballer’s wife and a gangland heavy. The circumstance of everyone’s attendance is hiding something disturbing. Away from the partying culprits an old piano in a secret room on the 9th floor hides away a pained man who is subjected to horrendous torture. Who is this man and what is the motive? A story of revenge, guilt, hopeless redemption, and acceptance rises up from underneath the jazzy small talk to root out both the tortured and torturer’s identity.


European Dramatic Features

Runtime 1:16:00

Directed by
Nathan Codrington