Les dues vides d’Andrés Rabadán

He had been born for the pages of events “The madman of the crossbow”; For public opinion, the inexplicable horror; For experts, a case of psychotic outbreak worthy of a manual. For justice, 20 years of condemnation. In prison he meets his best friend and his future wife. The terrible memories of what happened that night haunt him. The news in the newspaper. On February 6, 1994 Marcial Rabadán and his son Andrés discuss after the meal. Andres goes to his room, takes the crossbow, a gift for Reyes, he loads it and shoots his father. The first arrow, in the head and two more “so that he did not suffer”. After embracing the corpse he goes to the police station and turns himself in. Andres is still in prison, has made exhibitions of his drawings and written two books; Has married, forgotten “the voices” and no longer dreams about the corpse of his father.


European Dramatic Feature

Runtime 1:24:00

Directed by Ventura Durall