Steak and Milk

It’s often said that regardless of the path carved or followed, and regardless of the crest donned upon his armor, the meridian of man’s ultimate quest is love. Steak and Milk is an elegantly told romance inspired by a true story of small town love, and the challenges of inter-racial relationships that still exist in the mid-western United States. We don’t choose the person who ignites passion into our hearts and inspires purpose into our lives, but we do have the choice of whether to retreat in the midst of a challenge, or persevere in an effort to discover truth and experience real love. Steak and Milk introduces us into the lives of five complicated Midwesterners, and takes us through each of their individual efforts to find true love. All five stories are cleverly connected, as Morgan, Virgil, Pam, Cynthia, and Eddie, take turns standing at the crossroads of love and loneliness. Unfortunately, true love doesn’t work in threes, so one will be left alone.


Non-European Short

Runtime 00:17:30

Directed by
Michael Maxxis