Emma Blue

Emma Blue

What if the Devil fell in love with a woman?

Emma’s husband Erik isn’t interested any more, but she loves him. He keeps Emma in a golden cage while he tomcats with every woman he wants.

But Del, the Devil in human form, can think of nothing but Emma. So he puts Erik through hell while step by step he seduces her.

Is a loan shark ruining Erik’s business? “Kill him,” says Del, and guides him through the project.

Is Emma worried about Erik’s wandering attention? Del makes a blue-marble statue of Emma – and brings it alive. Blue Girl.

Erik adores Blue Girlbut is impotent with her. When she escapes and wanders nude through the city the police try to arrest them and Del steps in and turns the cops nude.

So now Erik has to buy her clothes – she loves clothes – and to save his income he must murder the loan shark.

And when Del does get Emma into bed his orgasm turns him into – well.


European Dramatic Feature


Directed by
Robert MacLean