Dos patrias, Cuba y la noche

The director Christian Liffers travels with his team to Cuba to search for evidence. Part of his luggage are poems and prose texts of the Cuban author Reinaldo Arenas. Texts, which describe the desire for love, sexual freedom and the proud and unbending attitude in the fight against discrimination. Are these desires and attitudes still to be found in Cuba? And which desires, clichés, and projections of Cuba attract the producer and many more people? Poems and prose texts are the reference points for the protagonists and their personal stories of present-day Cuba, which are always the center of attention. Six men with different backgrounds and of different ages describe their life, afflictions, desires, longings and joys in Cuba. They have some things in common: homosexuality (with the exception of Isabel, the transsexual) and the daily social exclusion on the part of the Cuban “Machismo-society” and the Cuban government. However they differ heavily concerning their social status and their opinions of the topic.


European Documentary Feature

Runtime 01:23:00

Directed by
Christian Liffers