Burning Light

The action in the film switches between the present day, the aftermath of a terrorist action in London, and the events leading to this act. In the present day scenes, a terrorist suspect, Aris Gildemeister, is being interrogated by Detective Laska about a terrorist action; the action being the kidnapping of John Hanson, a senior executive of an oil company, and the subsequent suicide of the hostage taker, Hector Ruiz. Hector, a young Spanish journalist, is wandering aimlessly through his life, when he meets Cassas, the editor of an international political publication based in London. Cassas is sympathetic to the disaffected Hector and offers him an assignment as a foreign correspondent. On a trip to Cairo, Hector falls in love with a young nurse, Amina, introduced to him by Cassas. Six months later, Hector’s world has changed as he learns of Amina’s suicide attack against an extreme-right wing Israeli party leader’s convoy. Back in London, Hector in a suspecting frame of mind falls into the hands of Cassas’ casual terrorist network. Hector joins the experiment and helps kidnap John Hanson. Hector has second thoughts and takes John Hanson to a sanctuary. Hector then kidnaps Cassas and takes him to the same place. Just before his suicide, Hector sends a text message to his friend, Aris, informing him of the location of the entrapped Cassas and Hanson As these actions take place in front of our eyes, the interrogation continues. Detective Laska uncovers evidence that casts doubt on the claimed innocence of Aris. Aris comes to the realization that the detective’s understanding of the extreme danger the precedence has created leaves him fearful for his own life. Aris, now in the solitariness of his dark cell, promises to himself that he will continue to fight for humanity, confronted by the insoluble mystery that some will destroy themselves, while others will destroy one another.

United Kingdom

European Dramatic Feature

Runtime 01:20:00

Directed by
Marc Ellegaard