Drag Me

Drag Me is essentially what it declares to be: A wandering through the sleazy, dark backstreets of Metropolis, which is Athens, Greece here, but it could be as well anything from New York to Gotham under the disturbingly dirty and distorted sounds of The You And What Army fACTION, that seem to derive directly from the filthy guts of the city. In this wandering, we follow the main character as she jumps out of Raggedy lyrics, a deadly girl with a violent and disturbed response to the emotional paranoia and alienation that the concrete jungle can generate. The lumpen characters and the rest strays of the streets that she runs into, the street art and the trash, become part of the set, composing a haunted picture of the modern ghost town.


European Animated Films

Runtime 00:06:00

Directed by
Nikos Kellis