“Caramelle” [Italian for Sweets] is a short film that tells
the tale of the inextricable tie between three
generations: father/grandfather, daughter/mother,
grandson/son. A bond so strong as to transcend the
boundaries between Life and Death, the Earthly World,
and the Afterlife, in an atmosphere of compelling
magical realism. It is a simple story: Lucia, a middle-
aged woman visits her father’s grave in the local
graveyard from time to time. One day she finds a
sweet wrapper scrunched up in a ball on top his grave.
This strange episode happens over and again until
Lucia finds out that… but that would be telling… we
won’t spoil your appetite, let’s just say that the whole
story revolves around the sweets in the title, in our
modern pop revisitation of the Proustian Madelaine!
This short film is made using techniques in 3D
animation, blended with real life modern day photos
taken to celebrate little known corners of the city of
Ravenna, in the area around its port.


European Animated Film

Directed by
Matteo Panebarco

Runtime 00:12:21