Mommy’s Lambie


Murat (30) can’t shake his nightmares in prison. Not knowing the reason he is on trial he oscillates in a tragicomic limbo of different narratives among his parents, his past teachers, and an omnipresent lawyer. He relives the clashes that ruined his childhood. His mom expected him to grow up and to save her, while his father, already married to Monica when Murat was born out of wedlock, wanted to make a man out of him at age seven.
His circumcision festivity, a night supposedly organized for his joy became his hell. The custody battle and his mom putting the knife against the lawyer’s throat are vivid memories haunting him. The courtroom transforms into a battlefield where all sides clash with one another. Murat dives into this battle headfirst. He grabs a pistol from a policeman to kill the person who ruined his life. Is he the victim of an elaborate setup again or will he rid himself from the past burdens?

Serbia, Turkey

European Dramatic Feature

Runtime 01:20:00

Directed by
Umut Evirgen