L’Estate D’Inverno

Deep night. In a motel room in the Copenhagen suburb, Christian, a 19-year-old man, has just finished having sex with Lulu, an older prostitute of 38 years old. When the woman is ready to leave, the young man holds her and asks her to stay one more hour to talk with him. In the beginning, she refuses, but later on, she agrees to stay longer. From that moment, the two characters start talking, and as the dialogue proceeds, their demons and regrets emerge. They are both bound to a desperate story of abandonment: the woman is running away from her past of violence, but also from the terrible regret for the abandonment of her son when he was only four. The young man is desperately searching for his mother, who abandoned him 15 years ago.


European Dramatic Feature

Runtime 01:10:00

Directed by
Davide Sibaldi