Latent Space


“Latent Space” is a mesmerizing music video that delves into the captivating story of a young man’s immersive journey into a virtual reality experience. As he becomes immersed in this artificial world, he finds himself captivated by a female AI character who possesses her own unique struggles and aspirations. While the man grapples with the blurred boundaries between reality and illusion, questioning what is genuine and what is fabricated, the AI character embarks on a remarkable exploration of humanity, constantly striving to become more human than humans themselves.

Amidst this narrative of humans growing distant from their inherent humanity, an intriguing paradox unfolds as the AI character, through her continuous evolution, becomes more connected to the essence of being human. She wrestles with the complex interplay between her programmed thoughts and genuine emotions, seeking to understand the authenticity of her feelings.

The music video’s abstract visuals serve as a fusion of the director’s artistic vision and the AI’s creative output, seamlessly blending their talents. The resulting collaboration blurs the distinction between human-generated and AI-generated content, acting as a metaphor for the story’s central themes. Viewers are left entranced, unsure of which aspects of the video and the accompanying song were crafted by human hands and which were the product of AI’s artistic prowess.

“Latent Space” pushes the boundaries of storytelling, inviting audiences on a thought-provoking exploration of the intersection between human existence and the rise of artificial general intelligence. Through its evocative visuals, immersive music, and a narrative rich with symbolism, the music video presents a poignant reflection on the evolving nature of humanity and the complex relationship between humans and AI.


European Music Video

Runtime 00:04:11

Directed by
Nicolai Sagasser