John Adams -Get Up The Yard


The documentary “Get Up the Yard” provides a captivating and intimate look into the life of a renowned painter from Cork. Infused with both humor and emotion, the artist narrates his personal journey, highlighting his extraordinary artwork that surpasses all expectations.
Delving into John Adams’ upbringing and family life, the film unveils candid and striking revelations that animate his past experiences. The artist discusses his pursuit of recognition and the development of his inimitable style. Featuring interviews with acquaintances, friends, and notable figures such as President of Ireland Mr. Michael D. Higgins, the documentary offers a unique perspective on the artist’s emotional challenges and the diverse influences on his work. Archival interviews create evocative moments and a singular atmosphere, fostering a deeper appreciation for the artist’s inner thoughts and emotions.
“Get Up the Yard” transcends the boundaries of a mere portrayal of an artist’s life and work. It emphasizes the significance of human connections, aspirations, and artistic growth. This thought-provoking and humor-laced film presents an artist whose impact on others is unforgettable. For those passionate about art and culture, “John Adams – Get Up the Yard” is an essential documentary to experience.


European Documentary

Runtime 00:24:02

Directed by
Jose Ángel Catalán Ruiz

Mario Barsony

Produced by
Greg Markus