We would like to extend a very big thank you to all our submission judges who participated in the 19th edition of ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival. Each year we strive to highlight the very best independent filmmakers and we are very proud of the reputation that we have garnered. With that in mind, we know that this festival would not be possible without the support, expertise, and generosity of our exceptional judges. Our judges are not only what make our festival possible, but they play a large part in what makes our festival special. Their tireless help, passion, and energy enable us to provide a unique venue for emerging innovative and cinematic talent to gain international recognition. We think that we speak on behalf of everyone in saying that we are extremely grateful for all the hard work and time that our judges have put forward to making this festival happen. We are beyond excited for the 19th edition of the festival and we couldn’t have done it without them!

Here is the complete list of our ÉCU 2024 submission judges:

Abdulmohsen AlmutairiKadi LokkReza Daghagh
Andrés KlimekKonrad KultysRick Limentani
Anke SevenichKorinna HerzigRolf Christian Heldal
Arturo BandinelliLeonardo AntonioRudolf Buitendach
Aziz ChennaouiLouis Conte-BourgesRuya Koman
Baqer Jasim Al-RubaieLucian AlexandrovSamantha Collins
Boris BiaouLuigi Abanto VareseSilvia Gregorova
Csaba VekesMatteo PanebarcoSolmaz Gholami
Florence FaureMaya KornSten Rosendahl
Georgios CherouvimMaysaa AlmuminSuzannah Mirghani
Giada GhiringhelliPablo Martín TorradoTimo Bénit
James SkinnerPaul AndersonTristan Hefele
Jay SchlossbergPaul WyettZeyu Wang
Jeremy BoltonPhil HallZina Papadopoulou

Here are ÉCU’s Much More than a Script Competition judges:

Suz Sainty, Rodrigo Estrada, Amber Pucan, Anne Ruche, Carla Sáiz, Carolin Reitz, Christine Palandjian, Cristina Scialdone, Edoardo Mazzini, Eliya Weinstein, Ema Nemčovičová, Gaia Magnani, Inez Malhotra, Ismael López Arias, Jenna Wiedorn, Joanna Kolovea, Julia Chmielewska, Kim Hoang Ngan Pham, Klára Jungwirthová, Laurin Wagner, Linus Terbrack, Luana Medeiros, Mahira Mouhajir, Mohammed Anees, Nini Lü, Sean Basquill, Thomas Valentin Neuroth, Valeria Morterra, XIN-Yi Yu, Yongeka Ntetha